Translation cards explaining your food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities and requesting safe meals
Personalised translation cards explaining your special diet supplied by DietaryCard
food translation 					cards personalised for diners travelling with food allergies & special diets
Put peace of mind in your pocket with a Dietary Alert Card  -  we've been taking the ordeal out of ordering since 1999
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Using a Dietary Alert Card in English or 17 other languages to order meals in the UK or abroad:

Avoids your message being ‘corrupted’ between table and kitchen
Helps explain your dietary needs with minimum fuss
Authenticates your request as a medical requirement

Gluten-free diet?

For diners and travellers following a gluten-free diet we offer a Classic Coeliac Card in English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian or Spanish, or Custom Card 1 (Coeliac version) in Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Thai and Turkish, verifying your needs at a discounted price.


or other special diet?

Dietary Alert Cards can be tailormade to your special diet, and we can cater for your personal needs, whether you are lactose-intolerant, vegan celiac with a nut allergy, or are to avoid a unique combination of risk foods. These cards are available in all languages listed at Step 2.

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Find out how holiday-makers and business travellers on gluten-free and other special diets are using their Dietary Alert Cards to take the ordeal out of ordering at home and abroad.

My name is Ainsley Meighan I am a travel agent from Melbourne, Australia. I recently purchased one of your cards for Coeliac’s for my trip to Japan. I would just like to thank you for supplying these cards to such a wide variety of allergy sufferers and languages. In the past I had to either not eat, or eat very little bland items that I knew were gluten free as in most countries allergies are very uncommon, now that I have discovered your website eating overseas is no longer a worry.
I have a few clients that have allergies so I will be passing on your information to everyone I know who needs it and would once again like to thank you sincerely for the service you provide. Kind Regards,
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La Capriata, an excellent Italian restaurant in Bologna is opening its doors in London Liverpool Street this October as Al Matterello. They have the most delicious ‘fresh’ gluten-free pasta (tortillini, tortilloni, tagliatelle to name but a few). Also lots of other gluten-free options including desserts. In fact a whole menu dedicated to gluten-free dining. Hoping the London version is offering the same.
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